Every person has a story, and I'm excited to share mine with you here...

I have recently been accepted as a Global Health Corps Fellow in the 2014-15 cohort. I will be working with Spark Microgrants to help establish six new health clinics (!) while living for a year in Mbale, Uganda. 

I previously helped to establish Zion Community Clinic near Mbale when I lived in Uganda in 2010. I couldn’t be more excited to return to Uganda to help bring access to healthcare to six more communities in this region. 

1000 Shillings, the organization I co-founded in 2012, is also based in Mbale. Therefore, this year provides an opportunity to spend a year with the ladies of 1000 Shillings and to help grow this organization! 

This blog has been used to document some of my experiences living in Nepal and Uganda in the past. I’m excited to keep sharing my story as I document my experiences as a Global Health Corps Fellow living in Mbale, Uganda. 



Have you guys met this sweet lady?? Her name is Aidah - read more about her story here: http://www.1000shillings.com/portfolio/aidah/

Some images of the health clinic I worked on constructing this summer in Bunabuyoka - a remote, mountaintop village in Uganda!

Meet Martha - a woman of 1000 Shillings and a single mother living in the Ugandan slum of Namatala. 

So excited to tell you about 1000 Shillings, a venture my friend, Alexis, and I started after working with six women in the Namatala slum. 

We are starting a website, www.1000Shillings.com, that will give women in the Namatala slum in Uganda a place to sell their artisan products and a platform to have their stories heard! The money the women earn from selling their products will go into starting their own small businesses! 

Also, we are working to expand our operation to women in Nepal! Vote here to help us do this - http://empowerwomen.maker.good.is/projects/1000shillings?sort=recent

Ado, Aidha’s fiery daughter. 

Who said boys can’t wear pink? Meet Robert. 

Waldo, find the man. 

Those eyes….

Laundry day. 



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Working with the beading ladies! 

I had to pay to use this luxury. 

Welcome to the world, piglet! 

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